MARTIN® NTS™ 120-350 Non-Impacting Linear Vibrators

Lubrication-free! Quiet! Energy-efficient!

MARTIN® NTS™ 120-350 Non-Impacting Linear Vibrators provide powerful force to move materials in small bins and hoppers. The ability to control both the frequency and amplitude independently makes the MARTIN® NTS™ Vibrator a great choice for small feeder drives. Lubrication-free. Ideal for food, pharmaceutical and chemical applications. All Units are explosion-proof and wash-down safe. NTS 120, NTS 180, NTS 250 and NTS 350 body sizes are available in normal and high-frequency models.


All units are now available in stainless steel.

The NTS SERIES is available in the following models:

  • NTS 120HF
  • NTS 120NF
  • NTS 180HF
  • NTS 180NF
  • NTS 250HF
  • NTS 250NF
  • NTS 350HF
  • NTS 350NF
Available in Stainless Steel
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No Lubrication Required*

MARTIN® NTS™ Linear Vibrators are lubrication-free, eliminating the use of messy, maintenance-intensive lubricators. No oil mist is discharged into the atmosphere. *Lubrication is required when air is dried by refrigerant method.


Noise levels are 60 to 65 dBA, well below regulatory limits.


The most energy-efficient pneumatic vibrators available. Instant-on, instant- off. Frequency and amplitude adjust independently.

Sanitary Design

Special coating system sheds material buildup, won’t flake off.


Perfect for high wash down areas.

Additional Specifications

  • Air pressure range: 30-60 psi
  • Operating temperature: 32°-250°F
  • Air Preparation: 5-micron filter, pressure regulator & 3-way control valve.
  • Force (maximum): 101 force-lbs.
  • Warranty: 3-years when operated within recommendations.
  • Included: Muffler, nipple & fasteners.

Performance & Dimensions