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MARTIN® NTP™ Continuous Impacting Linear Vibrators

MARTIN® NTP™ Continuous Impacting Linear Vibrators provide high-acceleration for removing sticky materials from vessel surfaces. A sanitary coating system, plus a tapped exhaust port make these units ideal for use in high wash down environments. Each unit is equipped with a cushioning strike plate assembly that reduces noise and stress on vessel walls. The instant on-instant-off operation of the MARTIN®NTP™ Series Vibrators combined with independent frequency and amplitude adjustment insures precise control. No over vibration!


Note: MARTIN® NTP™ Series Vibrators come complete with a urethane strike plate: Easy on the structure! Easy on the ears! Sanitary coating and tapped exhaust make these vibrators ideal for sanitary applications.

The NTP SERIES is available in the following models:

  • NTP 25
  • NTP 32
  • NTP 48


  • High-Acceleration

    The impact provided by the MARTIN® NTP™ Series Units move material that will not respond to rotary vibration.

  • Wash-Down Safe

    The sanitary coating system plus the tapped exhaust make for a completely sealed Unit. Perfect for high wash-down environments.

  • Precise Control

    MARTIN® NTP™ Continuous Impacting Linear Vibrators are instant-on, instant- off. The frequency and amplitude are both adjustable providing the exact force required to do the job.

  • Additional Specifications

    • Air Pressure Range: 30-60 psi.
    • Operating Temperature: 32°-120° F
    • Air Preparation: 5-micron filter, pressure regulator & lubricator. Muffler & hose nipple included. Lubricator required. NTP 32 & NTP 48.
    • Force: 19-255 lbs.
    • Warranty: 3-years when operated within recommendations.

Case Studies

Case Study: Pharmaceutical Company


A West Coast Pharmaceutical Company had a weighing and packaging machine that required employee intervention with a tapping hammer in order to settle the contents properly.


The capsules or tablets were loaded into five-gallon buckets, but the weighing and packaging machine does not have a vibratory table. In order to properly settle the material and pack these containers, one full-time employee must constantly tap on the sides of the container with a rubber hammer. Furthermore, the line required 24-hour continuous operation to meet consumer demand and the equipment would reside in a high wash down environment.


Martin Vibration Systems installed a MARTIN® NTP™ Continuous Impacting Linear Vibrator providing precise and controlled air vibration solution, while meeting the high wash down and non-stop requirements of this capsule packaging line.

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