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MARTIN® NCT™ Rotary Turbine Vibrators

MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrators provide powerful, efficient, rotary vibratory force

One third the air consumption of ball vibrators!

MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrators provide powerful, efficient, rotary vibratory force for activating solids in bins, hoppers, chutes, screens and feeders. These quiet vibrators are especially suited for fine, dry materials that respond to high-frequency. Parts handling, circuit board manufacturing and bottling plant applications are ideal for the MARTIN® NCT™ Series.


Sanitary coating & lubrication-free operation – perfect for food and pharmaceutical applications.

The NCT SERIES is available in the following models:

  • NCT 1
  • NCT 2
  • NCT 3
  • NCT 4
  • NCT 4i
  • NCT 5
  • NCT 10
  • NCT 10i
  • NCT 15
  • NCT 29
  • NCT 29i
  • NCT 55
  • NCT 108
  • NCT 108i
  • NCT 126
  • NCT 250
  • NCT 250i

E-Z™ Vibrator Mount Kits are designed to work in harsh environments.Harsh Environments

MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrators are sealed with o-rings. This sealing system keeps liquids out, even in the harshest of environments.

On the right, a MARTIN® NCT™ Vibrator is shaking racks in a plating operation at a printed circuit board factory. Even when in constant contact with harsh chemicals, the MARTIN® NCT™ Turbines keep running.


  • No Lubrication Required

    MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrators are lubrication-free, eliminating the use of messy, maintenance intensive lubricators. No oil mist is discharged into the atmosphere.

  • Quiet

    Noise levels are 60 – 75 dBA, well below regulatory limits.

  • Energy-Efficient

    MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrators use less than 1/3 the compressed air of ball- type units.

  • Additional Specifications

    • Air Pressure Range: 30 – 60 psi.
    • Operating Temperature: Max. 250° F.
    • Air Preparation: 5-micron filter, pressure regulator.
    • Force (maximum): 2700 force-lbs.
    • Warranty: 3-years when operated within recommendations.
    • Included: Muffler and nipple.

Case Studies

Case Study: Crushed Stone Quarry


A crushed stone quarry in Tennessee was experiencing problems with material buildup in the feeder hopper under their sizing screens.


The material (size 1/4″ down to fines) would cling to the hopper walls and build up, eventually stopping material flow and shutting down the screening operation.


A NCT 108 Turbine Vibrator was mounted on a channel on the end wall of the hopper. The vibrator has been installed, mounted on a 5″ X 48″ long channel and located 18″ from the bottom of the bin.

After two weeks of operation the customer reports no bin or feeder stoppages at this point. They are very pleased and we are now trying to help them solve other problems at their plant.

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