MARTIN® NCB™ Sanitary Ball Vibrators

Sanitary coating—perfect for food and pharmaceutical applications!

MARTIN® NCB™ Ball Vibrators provide powerful, efficient, rotary vibratory force for activating solids in bins, hoppers, chutes, screens and feeders. These vibrators are especially suited for fine, dry materials that respond to high-frequency. Parts handling, circuit board manufacturing and bottling plant applications are ideal for the MARTIN® NCB™ Ball Vibrator Series.

The NCB SERIES is available in the following models:

  • NCB-1
  • NCB-2
  • NCB-3
  • NCB-5
  • NCB-10
  • NCB-20
  • NCB-50
  • NCB-70
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Special coating system sheds material and will not flake off. The end cap is stainless steel. MARTIN® NCB™ Ball Vibrators are wash-down safe and explosion-proof.


The MARTIN® NCB™ Ball Vibrators are totally interchangeable with the MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrators. This is important if the usage of the vibrator increases or the noise level needs to be reduced. MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrators should be used if the units operate more than 3 hours per day or if the vibrators must operate in a lubrication-free environment. The noise level reductions gained from the MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrators are from 5-20 dBA.

Additional Specifications

  • Air pressure range: 30 – 60 psi
  • Operating Temperature: Max. 250° F
  • Air Preparation: 5-micron filter, pressure regulator, lubricator
  • Force (maximum): 1,434 force-lbs.
  • Warranty: 1-year when operated within recommendations
  • Included: Muffler and nipple.=

Performance & Dimensions




Case Studies

  • Case Study: Nutraceutical Company


    An Illinois Nutraceutical Company had applied a variety of solutions for packaging problems with one of their botanical food supplements with no success. This low-volume, fine and dry ergogenic aid required constant manual manipulation by the assembly workers.


    The Nutraceutical product would leave small quantities of herbal supplement residue on the processing assembly feeder. Very quickly, this buildup would cause blockage of this very fine, light and dry material.


    MARTIN® NCB™ Sanitary Ball Vibrators were the perfect high frequency solution for this nutritional supplement packaging blockage. The food-safe sanitary coating and efficient rotary force eliminated the herbal supplement residue buildup.