MARTIN® E-Z™ Weigh Systems Feeder/Hopper System

Looking for a cost effective loss-in-weight or volumetric feeding system?

The MARTIN® E-Z™ Weigh-Feeder/Hopper System is your answer. We have incorporated the popular MARTIN® E-Z™ Weigh-Feeder with a Hopper/Base Assembly to provide a stand alone feeding system. When placed on a bench scale base, the MARTIN® E-Z™ Weigh-Feeder can be controlled to provide a constant feed rate or an exact amount for batch processes.

  • Waterproof!
  • Explosion-proof!
  • Fast, accurate feed rates!
  • Electro-polished stainless steel construction!

Custom Hopper/Feeder Sizes & Configurations Available

Problem: A chemical supplier was experiencing high labor costs when filling containers by hand. The operator positioned 1 & 1.5-pound containers on a scale and scooped material into the containers, by hand, until the weight was reached.

Solution: A special MARTIN® E-Z™ Weigh System was developed. The operator now places the containers on the scale and pushes a foot switch. The scale logic tares the scale to zero and then activates the MARTIN® E-Z™ Feeder. When the scale is satisfied the feeder is stopped and the operator removes the filled container.

Result: Labor costs are reduced by 50%, spillage is greatly reduced as is the overfill of the containers.

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4-Bowl Feeder Hopper | Martin Vibration Systems & Solutions
Dispensing Nuts By Weight | MARTIN® E-Z™ Weigh Systems Feeder/Hopper
Filling station dispensing 6 oz of salt
Flat Feeder Demonstration, automated feeder


Clean, Sanitary Design

Standard, all electro-polished stainless steel fabrication, powered by a corrosion-proof, coated drive. Ideal for food, chemical & pharmaceutical applications.


No sparks or heat are generated by the pneumatic drive system. Totally sealed for safe wash-down.

Quiet & Energy-Efficient

Drive system operates at less than 65 dBA. Uses 0.18 – 3.14 cfm.

Designed To Work With A Wide Variety Of Electronics

MARTIN® E-Z™ Weigh systems are modular. They are designed to be used with most popular electronic scales.

Exact Adjustment

Speed and stroke are independently adjusted, providing exact control.

3-Year Guarantee

Drive unit is covered by a full 3-year guarantee.