Martin® Bantam Series of Miniature Air Vibrators

New & Compact!

These Small Air Vibrators Get The Job Done!

Martin® Bantam™ series of pneumatic vibrators were engineered specifically for small hoppers and/or bins. Despite their small and lightweight size, these units create enough force to move even the toughest materials. All of the Bantam™ series vibrators are designed to operate lubrication-free and are wash-down safe which makes these units ideal for chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, and a wide variety of food applications.

small air vibrators
Our new adhesive mounting system is perfect for these miniature vibrators.

NTK™ Oscillators are the perfect solution for applications that need continuous flow with granular materials, all with a smooth operation. When a material is sticking to the sidewalls or is stubborn, the NTP™ continuous impacting linear vibrator is the tool that is needed for the job. The newly released NTS™ non-impacting vibrator is the optimal choice for materials when a little help is necessary for flow.

Bantam series small vibrators require little space and are extremely energy efficient while producing minimal noise. We offer a complete line of electronic timers that can be used in conjunction with the Bantam™ series vibrators.  Right sized vibrators designed specifically for the food and pharma industries.


Learn more about our new adhesive mounting system designed with these vibrators in mind. No welding! No downtime!

Available in Stainless Steel
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Highly controllable by air pressure adjustment

All 3 units are highly controllable by air pressure adjustment. All 3 units work best under 45psi.

Instant On/Off

All 3 units provide instant on/off, making them ideal for use with a timer, PLC or other automation controls.


All 3 units operate lubrication-free.

Applied force

The applied force of these miniature vibrators ranges from 1 lb. to 50 lbs with the NTP being the strongest and the NTK at the lower level.


Noise levels are 60 to 80 dB, well below regulatory limits.

Performance & Dimensions




Granular products and light-weight materials

The NTK™ is perfect for granular products and light-weight materials.

Small chutes or tubes

The NTS™ is good solution for small chutes or tubes used to transfer materials.

Ratholes and bridges

The NTP™ is powerful enough to eliminate ratholes and bridges.