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MARTIN® Ball Vibrators

Vibrolator® Pneumatic Ball Vibrators provide high-frequency vibration at an economical price. The only moving part is a high-grade chrome steel ball. Lubrication, while not required, extends the life of the units.

Industrial vibratorsThe best uses for this series are small hoppers, parts feeders, chutes and match plates. Air consumption for these units is moderate. If the application requires more than three hours per day of operation or requires lubrication-free operation, the MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrators may be a better choice.

The ball vibrators are available in the following models:

  • BD-10 AL
  • BD-10 M
  • BD-13 AL
  • BD-13 M
  • BD-16 AL
  • BD-16 M
  • BD-19 AL
  • BD-19 M
  • BD-25 M
  • UCV-6
  • UCV-13
  • UCV-19
  • UCV-25
  • UCV-32
  • UCV-38
  • UCV-44
  • CV-10
  • CV-19 AL
  • CV-19 M
  • CV-25 AL
  • CV-25 M
  • CV-35 AL
  • CV-35 M
  • DV-41
  • DV-51
  • SUAH-6
  • SUAH-10
  • SUAH-13
  • SUAH-19
  • CD-35
  • SDV-35


  • Vibrolator® Ball Vibrators

    Designed to interchange with most brands of ball vibrators, providing a very cost-effective replacement. This type of industrial vibrator has been in use for over 50 years.

  • Versatile

    Originally developed for use in foundries, these versatile units are now used to solve material-handling problems in many industries.

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