MARTIN® PKL® Impactor Video Wins Award

The Web Marketing Association, as part of the 2013 Internet Advertising Competition, has selected our “Don’t Be a Caveman! Stop Banging on Bins!” video as the 2013 Best Manufacturing Online Video. The video was released to our customers via email leading up to the 2012 Pack Expo in Chicago.

Click below to watch the video:

Created by IHS Website Solutions, the video showcases the Martin® PKL® Interval Impactor  which creates individuals blows similar to a hammer and keeps materials from getting clogged in bins or storage vessels. The impactor is able to reduce noise, energy costs, bin damage and injury. The PKL® is the most controllable impactor in the world, with settings for 10-60 blows per minute or simply a single blow when needed.

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For details on the award and the video contributors, click here.