Industrial Compaction

Granular Material Compaction

Pneumatic linear vibration drives, hand or foot control, total and independent adjustment of both frequency and amplitude, fast compaction, instant... Learn More »

Transmission Testing

Desired test frequency from 10 – 100Hz. The customer wants a mobile solution. Therefore a frequency control is necessary that is mounted to the... Learn More »

Compaction of Powder in Pots

The vibration table is moveable. Coil springs have been selected for vibration insulation. The wooden construction acts as a support of the pots. The... Learn More »

Using Compaction Tables For Mineral Molding

The 4-shaft-control unit guarantees a resonance free run-up of vibrators at the working frequency and infinitely variable regulation of frequency and... Learn More »

Compaction of Metal Powder/Graphite

Small vibration table for heavy loads. Coil springs are selected for vibration insulation. Maintenance unit with hand control valve mounted on the... Learn More »

Compaction of Glass Sand (Grainy) in Switching Chambers

The vibration table is movable by lift-truck. Coil springs have been selected for vibration insulation which are coated by a rubber protection due to... Learn More »

Compaction of Carbon in Cartridges

The vibration table has a very low overall height. For optimum vibration insulation coil springs have been selected. The frequency control regulates... Learn More »

Compaction of Bulk Material

In the lowered position vibration plate stands on a scale. Gap in the plate for loading with a pallet jack. Stainless steel construction.... Learn More »

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