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Cardboard boxes are vibrated.The goal of every plant manager is to safely and efficiently move as much product as as possible for the least amount of money, while maintaining high quality standards. Many have discovered that, by using industrial vibrators throughout the process, they are able to achieve that objective better than they thought possible.

For example, one of the first steps in the process is often the unloading of bulk solids from a rail car or truck trailer. When bridging or ratholing occurs, or when residual material sticks to the side of the hopper, workers often find themselves striking the side of the container with a mallet to loosen that material up.

This is expensive because it requires labor and can cause damage to valuable equipment. By attaching a bin vibrator or hopper vibrator to the side of the container, it’s much easier to get all of the product out quickly and thoroughly and reduce the possibility of having to repair or replace damaged equipment.

Another common function that occurs in industrial plants is dosing or portioning bulk solids, such as tablets in a pharmaceutical operation or ingredients in a food manufacturing facility. Vibration allows you to maintain precise control over the amount of material being fed through the equipment. Packaging a product by weight becomes a simple process by attaching an electronic scale to the feeder, as opposed to manually hand-scooping it into small containers.

Finally, a vibrating compaction table allows you to settle loose-item materials in large containers being processed for shipping. These materials can vary substantially in shape, weight and size, ranging from ketchup packets to lugnuts and ping-pong balls. And because shipping is charged by volume, as well as weight, letting the contents settle from the vibration of the truck is wasteful and expensive because you are paying to ship air.

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Below are some products typically used in these applications.

MARTIN® MT-FAST™ Hopper Trailer Vibrator

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MARTIN® PKL® Interval Impactors

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XHD™ Extra Heavy Duty Electric Vibrators

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MARTIN® NCT™ Rotary Turbine Vibrators

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MARTIN® VAC-MOUNT™ Portable Vibrators

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