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When transporting and storing bulk solids, volume is money. In other words, the more material you can fit in a container, the lower your shipping and warehousing costs per unit of weight.

If your plant is packing boxes of loose items – like ketchup packets, ping-pong balls or lugnuts, for example – and loading them on a truck for transport, having them settle during the trip is an expensive and unnecessary waste because you’re paying to ship air. And it happens frequently because the vibration of the moving truck causes the items to settle and fill in the empty spaces.

Using an industrial vibrator mounted to a compaction table while the container is being filled not only settles the material, it flattens the angle of repose, minimizing the cone-shaped mound that builds up near the top of the container. (This is essential if you plan to put a lid on the container or close the top of the box!)

Compaction tables work with a wide range of bulk solids, including those with high moisture content, as well as loose items. In the food industry, settling frozen fruit and vegetables while packing can help your budget substantially because freezer space is expensive to operate and maintain. Industrial vibrators can also evenly distribute bulk ingredients in large quantities and de-aerate thick liquids like melted chocolate prior to cooling.

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Below are some products typically used in these applications.

Compaction of Bulk Material

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Compaction of Bulk Material in Bags

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Compaction of Big Bags on Pallets

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Compaction of Carbon in Cartridges

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Compaction of Fiberglass Concrete

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Compaction of Powder in Pots

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Compaction of Plastic Parts in Cartons

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